Construction of an office building

“The finished construction of an administrative building with the reconstruction of the wall of the main facade of four rooms of the lost landmark of local significance on the street. Lipskaya, 10 “

Preschool and school institution

The works on the first stage on the object were completed. Stolichnoe highway, Goloseevskiy district, Kiev. The first stage of construction. Construction and reconstruction of engineering networks, gas supply and heat supply, energy supply, water supply and sanitation ".


  • The motorway is 1,108 km wide with lighting (21 pcs of metal supports)
  • The area of sidewalks is 1700 m2
  • The length of the medium pressure gas pipeline is 0.805 km
  • The total length of the gravity collector d. 250 mm - 1444 m
  • The total length of the double-wired 10 kV lines of the underground gasket is 17,175 km
  • Length of telephone sewerage - 3.68 km
  • Radiocommunication - 3.7 km.