Real estate construction

Investments in the construction of commercial real estate are one of the most promising ways of investing capital.

Modern commercial real estate is characterized by high functionality, expressive architecture of buildings, exclusive interiors, the use of effective systems for creating and maintaining a favorable microclimate inside the facilities.

LLC" ANTARES " perfectly understands the desire of all customers to build modern commercial facilities quickly and with minimal investment in order to reduce the subsequent risks of volatile business conditions on the commercial real estate market. Our company is engaged in the construction of commercial facilities for many years. We offer the development and implementation of real estate projects for various purposes:

  • Business centers and offices of any class;
  • Shops, market complexes and shopping areas;
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes and other public catering establishments;
  • Night clubs and other entertainment facilities;
  • Warehouse buildings and logistics complexes of different classes;
  • Objects of cultural purpose (theaters, exhibition halls, museums, cinemas);
  • Construction of industrial enterprises and production shops;
  • Hotels and hotels of any level;
  • Residential property for renting;
  • Creation and improvement of objects of tourist infrastructure;
  • Car-care centers, laundries, dry cleaning and other service centers.

LLC " ANTARES "offers to customers unique conditions for the construction of commercial real estate:

  • Our company is able to provide a full range of general contracting services, starting from the coordinated development of an individual project, ending with the arrangement of travel and landscaping.
  • We have professional construction equipment and qualified personnel, allowing us to build real estate on complex soils, in densely built-up areas, in the winter season.
  • We use any known technology for the construction of commercial real estate from economy to premium.
  • In the process of construction, we perform not only the installation of engineering systems, but also the necessary installation of the built-in equipment.

LLC " ANTARES " carries out all necessary approvals for construction projects, including project approvals, obtaining a permit for construction and commissioning of the finished object.

Our company develops design projects for interiors and furnished real estate objects in accordance with the purpose, style and wishes of customers.

The company's specialists are ready to implement not only the construction of commercial real estate, but also the reconstruction of existing facilities for the expansion or modernization of commercial areas.

If necessary, we can envisage at the project development stage the possibility of a future expansion or increase of the number of storeys of buildings with minimal subsequent costs for property owners. Call us to clarify any details of the construction of commercial real estate of the type you need. Our consultants will provide you with exhaustive information on the construction of the facilities, as well as calculate the preliminary estimate for the implementation of your plans.

Construction and installation:

Construction of any facilities (regardless of the scope and purpose), for the erection of which is required to conduct land and construction and installation work on the setting of immersed foundations, the erection of load-bearing and enclosing structures, and the installation of utilities.

LLC" ANTARES "offers the capital construction of the objects of any purpose, namely:

  • Construction of the office centers;
  • Shopping and entertainment complexes;
  • Objects of sports infrastructure;
  • Hotels and housing;
  • Individual construction;
  • Railway stations, shops, etc

Our company, understanding the prospects of the construction market, is engaged in the introduction of new technologies in all construction processes that can be improved. We gladly invite everyone to visit our site. A modern construction company should not only provide construction services, but give the Customer a full understanding of all the processes taking place at the construction site.

All the construction work is ready to turnkey, even if the site needs highly specialized work, we have a number of reliable partners performing the necessary work in the deadlines set. To date, construction services are not just the provision of construction work, but a large set of solutions to all related issues arising during construction.

LLC " ANTARES "on a professional level will provide you with a full range of construction and installation works.

Specialized works:

  • Installation of a video surveillance system
  • Installation of an alarm system
  • Installation of fire alarm system
  • Installation of a local computer and telephone network

General contracting services from international company "ANTARES".

LLC " ANTARES " has a lot of experience and on its basis provides general contractor services in construction for commercial and residential projects being built in Khmelnitsky and Ukraine.

To be successful as a general contractor is possible due to effective management, the availability of qualified personnel and their well-coordinated work, the availability of a strong material and technical base, the use of modern software and the orientation of personnel on the final result.

The contract between the Investor (Customer) and the Contractor on construction, in which the Contractor undertakes to perform all construction and installation works, is called the General Contractor in Construction.

The duties of the General Contractor include:
  • Construction of facilities and their timely commissioning;
  • Control of all types of work at the facility;
  • Coordination of activities of subcontractors;
  • Organization of a continuous process at the construction site;
  • Representation of construction in state bodies and all work with documents;
  • Timely supply of construction with all necessary materials;
  • If necessary, maintaining project documentation;
  • Construction in strict accordance with the design estimates;
  • Full responsibility to construction customers.

Today, it is more convenient for investors to hire a professional construction company, the General Contractor, who will be responsible for the result of all construction and putting the building into operation. General contracting services in construction are in demand in the construction of almost any facility.

At the same time on the shoulders of the General Contractor lies the full responsibility for the course of construction work on the site. Modern construction is a complex work that requires the consolidated efforts of a number of different specialists. Often, for the construction it is necessary to attract third-party specialists and third-party workers' brigades. The general contractor ensures the coordination of their actions in such a way as to ensure maximum efficiency of work, both from the position of quality and from the position of speed.

The contract of general contractor. All his functions are assumed by the General Contractor. This is a significant cost savings.


As a rule, the General Contractor conducts construction work on the existing design estimates. However, if necessary, it is also possible to conclude a contract for general design of the facilities. Thus, the General Contractor includes all phases of the work, from the preparation of documentation to the final commissioning of the project.


Engineering - the provision of consulting and engineering services (construction management, design, calculation and analysis, organizational, research, development of recommendations for the organization of production), i.e. Complex of commercial services for the preparation and provision of the construction process.

Engineering projects can be implemented in the construction of industrial facilities, construction industry, commercial real estate, as well as the construction of residential complexes and houses.

LLC " ANTARES "provides engineering services in the following areas:

  • industrial engineering;
  • Capital (civil) construction;
  • Technical re-equipment of facilities;
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures;
  • construction management;
  • Realization of certain functions of the developer (technical supervision, commissioning of the turnkey, assistance in the preparation of tender documentation, examination of existing communications and issuing opinions on their further operational usability, etc.).

The composition of the engineering services is determined by the Customer taking into account the specifics of the specific project, however there are the most common forms of their provision:

  • Implementation of functions of the Customer / Developer (general contractor).
  • Integrated management of the construction project (general developer).
  • Technical supervision of construction.
  • Geodetic control over construction (according to license).
  • Project of construction works.

In most cases, engineering companies provide separate engineering services, which forces the client to apply to several contractors and significantly have effects on costs. LLC " ANTARES "offers engineering services and construction management within the agreed time. We provide a full range of engineering work.


Reconstruction of buildings and structures is a construction process that revives / restores a building to his original form, which was lost as a result of long-term exploitation and external environmental factors or a change in the production process (re-profiling of production), according to specifications / needs. For the period of reconstruction, the object is usually subject to complete isolation, and ceases to operate when performing repair work. Reconstruction can be either partial or complete. Partial - a separate building element is restored (a farm, partitions, foundations, beams), complete - from the base of the foundation to the roof.

Obligatory for the reconstruction is a technical inspection, which will indicate the defects, destruction and provided an opinion on the possible further operation of the building. It is also in the technical survey that it is noted which elements should be restored / replaced during the reconstruction process. The result of the survey is presented in the form of project documentation, which must be agreed upon in the permitting authorities, according to the procedure as a new construction.

The need for this service is due to the following factors:

  • "Reconstruction of industrial buildings" is connected with the need for engineering and technical re-equipment or updating of the technological line; Re-profiling of production facilities.
  • "Physical deterioration of buildings" is the wear and tear to which the building is exposed, from the effects of atmospheric factors and time. That is why the buildings must undergo technical inspection and certification, which confirm their condition, or the need for reconstruction.
  • "Moral wear" - psychologically / morally obsolete objects that do not meet the needs and prestige of the company that are located in these buildings. In this case, the reconstruction process "adapts / updates the building" in accordance with the needs of companies.
  • "Changing the type of operation of the building" - the redevelopment of industrial shops and factories that ceased to exist under the objects of modern commercial real estate.
  • LLC " ANTARES "provides:
  • High technical characteristics of the reconstructed infrastructure (we use modern technologies, materials, equipment);
  • Compliance with contractual terms for the reconstruction of premises of buildings.

During the reconstruction of buildings, the structure is restored and acquires a completely new appearance: the constructions are strengthened, the aesthetic design and planning are carried out in accordance with the needs of the customer, the market value of the property increases. Reconstruction of industrial buildings and other structures with LLC " ANTARES "is the most weighted solution. Our employees are professionals in their field, which guarantees an impeccable quality of the work performed.

Reconstruction of the building is a whole complex of construction works, the result of which is a change in the basic technical and economic indicators of the object or its functional purpose.

  • The competence of LLC " ANTARES "includes:
  • Reconstruction of public facilities;
  • Reconstruction of military and other closed facilities;
  • Reconstruction of administrative and production facilities;
  • Reconstruction of medical facilities;
  • Reconstruction of residential and non-residential facilities.

LLC " ANTARES "offers in terms of reconstruction the following types of construction services:

  • Design works;
  • Change the architectural appearance of the object;
  • Disassembly and reinforcement of load-bearing structures;
  • Construction of extensions and superstructures, increase of number of storeys;
  • The device of roofs, overlappings and transitions;
  • Redevelopment;
  • Dismantling and installation of steel structures;
  • Dismantling and installation of partitions;
  • Installation of engineering systems and networks: heating, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning;
  • Repair, finishing and thermal insulation work;
  • Facade work;
  • Electrotechnical works;
  • plumbing work;
  • Installation of fire and burglar alarm.
Repair of the object on a “turnkey” basis

The company performs repair of the facility "turnkey" of any complexity, guided by the estimated documentation, design project and deadlines.

Repair of the object on a "turnkey" basis, for us as a rule includes:

  • Creation of an exclusive design project;
  • Redevelopment of premises;
  • Dismantling works;
  • Erection of walls and the arrangement of partitions;
  • Replacement of engineering systems (electrical installation, plumbing and ventilation work);
  • Repair of floors, leveling, screed
  • Laying of floor coverings: tile, parquet, laminate, linoleum;
  • Plastering, painting works;
  • Painting, pasting walls with wallpaper;
  • Filling of window openings with double-glazed windows and installation of door blocks;
  • Repair and decoration of the ceiling, installation of suspended ceilings;
  • Removal of construction debris;
  • The device, installation and adjustment of the security-fire alarm system;
  • Selection, purchase, delivery of building materials, lighting devices and interior items;
  • Installation of technological and special equipment;
  • warranty service;
Installation of systems.

Designing and installation of internal engineering systems

LLC " ANTARES "performs design and installation works:

  • Heating
  • Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage

Qualitatively and in detail we will develop a draft design, then we will justify it from the technical and economic side, we will develop technical documentation (for construction and installation works) and provide author's supervision.

Technical supervision of construction

Technical supervision of construction is an independent representation of the Customer's interests on the construction site.

LLC " ANTARES "has the necessary licenses and qualified personnel for the implementation of technical supervision in construction and performance of the following types of work:

  • Subscription in SACC upon receipt of the "Permission to the start of construction".
  • Constant quality control of work performed for compliance with the Construction Norms, and, if necessary, involving specialized expertise and laboratories (E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, etc.).
  • Acceptance of works performed with the signing of the relevant acts (concealed works, tests, intermediate acceptance of responsible structures of buildings and structures).
  • Conducting a photoprotocol of the quality of construction work with the provision of a report to the Investor.
  • Verification of the correspondence of the volumes of actually performed work and those presented for payment.
  • Checking the estimates of the Contractor before commencing work.
  • Registration of acts of inspection of hidden works.
  • Verification of compliance of the scope of work and the terms of work with the terms of the contract and the construction schedule.
  • Investor's consultations.
  • Optimization of design solutions.

Technical supervision of the construction provides timely elimination of defects identified during the acceptance of certain types of work, structural elements and the object as a whole, which will provide your building with a long service life and reliability of construction.

Technical supervision in the construction of LLC " ANTARES "guarantee of high-quality and timely conduct of all construction works.