Melting furnaces

During short time specialists of our company designed and installed specialized electron beam melting furnaces. In a construction of our EB furnaces is applied modern solutions of technological problems permitting effectively melt of titanium sponge, scrap and obtaining their mixed melting. The indispensable technological-economical trends practically using of technology of EBM are connected to creation powerful, stable working in a rather deep vacuum of electron guns, usage of cold hearth for better refinement, automation of a manufacturing process, that constructs favorable conditions for obtaining high quality metal. Series of engineering solutions and technological receptions have "know-how" and made out by announcements for the patents.

Depending on technological tasks our company in a condition to develop, produce and arrange supplying, during any electron beam melting furnaces with capacity from 100 up to 3600 kW.

According request of the customer of units may be equipped with system of automatic control of technological process, devices of sampling and the express analysis during process of melting.

Offered units may be variously equipped: electronic guns with the cold cathode, systems of power supplies and management of an electronic beam for performance of technological processes: melting, welding, evaporations and other operations which are carried out in vacuum.

Performance capabilities of electric beam melting technology:

  • Implementation of cold-hearth melting process with maximum refinement effect;
  • Cost efficient melting process based on opposite horizontal feeding with simultaneous melting of  consumable materials;
  • Melting of non compact (spongy titanium, scrap), pallet or bar batch with minimum expenditure for pretreatment;
  • High efficient melting process of chemically active and  refractory  metals due to operation of high voltage glow discharge electric beam guns, which operate stable at 1,33…0,133 Pa pressure;
  • Simultaneous formation of two and more ingots;
  • Ability to control metal solidification process for specified structure of ingots;
  • Minimum waste, ability to use low grade spongy titanium without pretreatment process.