Mechanical filters and bio filters

Modern technologies and design of closed water supply.

That your project has the maximum yield of commercial products, you should create the most comfortable conditions in the artificial environment of hydrobionts. In aquaculture, to achieve this goal, closed water supply system are used with different types and stages of filtration.

First of all, the main task is the preparation of water. To create comfortable conditions for the cultivation of hydrobionts, water passes several stages of purification. The main task of the whole technological process is the purification of circulating water, from 85-95% of the drained water from the fish pools, returns to the system and needs to remove the fish products for further recovery.

After the water has been mechanically treated, undissolved particles remain in the water (uneaten food, fish feces, etc.) causing the accumulation of ammonium nitrogen in water, which is quite toxic to fish. To solve this problem, it is necessary to convert ammonium nitrogen into nitrates. Such a chemical reaction is possible due to bioorganisms - bacteria living on the surface of the biofilter.

What is wastewater and how to clean it?

Wastewater it's a fresh water which used for domestic or industrial needs, while contaminated with impurities (of mineral and organic origin) have changed their chemical and physical properties.

That use waste water without harming for environment and all living things, it should be cleaned of various kinds of contaminants.

Our company offers several ways of water treatment: